Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Baby Sling Photo Shoot

Here are some snapshots I took while the photo shoot was going on (someday I will figure out how to put these pictures in an aesthetically pleasing way):

This is my favorite part of the business. I want to be an amateur photographer, I just don't have a good camera yet. Someday soon I will get all the equipment I need and set up a little studio so that we can take all of our own pictures. For now, we have a fabulous photographer in Atlanta that has done most of our photos.

Basically, it is three hours of total chaos for me, but a lot of fun for the models. At this particular shoot, we had planned on shooting in Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. When we drove in we found there was some huge football game going on nearby, and the streets were crowded and there was no parking. For a half an hour in the car I had to frantically call the photographer and models and try to get them to all meet elsewhere. We ended up shooting on the Emory University campus, where we had shot before, and it ended up being great anyways.

Most models have never worn a sling before, so when they get there I have to quickly size them and show them how to use them. These mamas are natural. Don't they look like they have been babywearing for forever?

I get one person ready and the photographer sweeps her off for the first photos. I get the next one ready and then am just quickly switching them in and out for three hours. The babies do exceptionally well. You would think they would get fussy, but we have been lucky in getting really calm and happy babies that like the sling from the start.

The hardest thing is matching the sling to the clothes that the mother and baby are wearing. Sometimes it is challenging. This model is absolutely gorgeous and her baby is adorable. But the red that the baby was wearing clashed with a lot of our slings (ie the brown fleece). We ended up getting fabulous photos for the Bella sling with her though by pulling the sling up to cover most of the red and throwing on a white sweater.

My favorite pictures were the Eyes of the World Organic ones. I just *love* this baby. I can't get enough of all that hair after my own baby being bald for 1 1/2 years. We call her "Suri-baby" at KB headquarters because she looks just like Suri Cruise.

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