Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meet the Karma Baby Team!

E and me Here we go! My name is Stacey and I am the creator, designer, and owner of Karma Baby Slings. I created the Karma Baby Sling in 2005 right after my son, Elijah Sirius (pictured with me left) was born. Everything grew very quickly (perhaps due to many 80+ hour weeks) and we are now carried in stores throughout the world. We are still a small business run by women, though, and hope to keep it small for some time. I am a single mommy, so having a business that I can run with my son running around is the ideal situation.

I feel so lucky to be able to work with such wonderful women that work so hard and still take the time to play with and nurture my son. Elijah is our most helpful employee.

He regularly helps Jessica with shipping, so if you see some scribbles on your packing slip, that is because you got the VIP treatment:)

We have two U.S factories making our slings, but need to supplement our supply by having a full time seamstress and home seamstresses. Nikki is our current resident seamstress (pictured below). She is also wonderful with Elijah as he often helps her unroll entire spools of thread.

I will be updating this blog frequently to give you a little peak into the workings of a small, mom-run business. Thanks!

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BethGo said...

I just bought one of your slings for my sister in-law. She is a total francophile and requested a toile sling.
I am fascinated with your blog. It's very interesting.

Anyway, your slings are beautiful and your blog is fun. Thanks for sharing.

My son is almost three we have a ring sling but your slings are neater, do you think he will still go in it? And how is it on your back?