Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a Swanky mom!

Me? A swanky mom? I looked up the definition, just to be sure this award was justified. Here's what I found:

Swank: imposingly fashionable and elegant

Here is a true testement to how swanky I really am:
This is what I looked like when I first started karma baby. I worked in my pj's all day with the baby in the sling! Not so swanky then, but maybe I am a little swanky now;)

Anyways, to read the little piece on why I actually am a swanky mom, click here.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Another great review by Celebrity Baby Blog!

Hey, it is the summer for fabulous reviews. Ours slings have really gotten so much great press in the last few months, we are so happy! I am actually an avid reader of the blog, I love to read about all the celebrity mamas. Now, if only Gwen Stefani would wear one of our slings in public, that would really make my day:) Mila Jovovich actually just ordered four of our slings, so we'll have to wait for those pictures!
Click here to read our review on celebritybabyblog.com

Mommies With Style loves us

Mommies With Style, the leading baby product review site, gave us a glowing review! It makes me so happy to hear how much a new mom loves her new sling and how it helps with mothering so much. My very favorite thing in the world, however, is to actually see photos of my happy customers. That is why I obsess over my customer photo page and update it weekly.

Click here to see our Happy Customers photos page, it is so cute. And...if you really love your Karma Baby Sling, please send us your photos!

Thebabywearer.com Spotlights Karma Baby!

Check out the little interview the wonderful mamas at Thebabywear.com did on us. It is a little more insight into the workings of a small, mom-run baby sling business.

Click here to read the interview!