Friday, May 25, 2007

2 New Fabrics!

First off, I want to say our new photographer rocks! I was worried that we would not find someone as good as our last photographer in Atlanta, but look at these new photos! They are great! Andrew took these photos in about 10 minutes flat, and got some really great ones. I can not wait until we actually go out with other models. Our next shoot will be at the Pearl Street mall in Boulder, Colorado. I think we will get even better photos so keep checking back for updates. I am sure you are all a little tired of seeing me as the model over and over again.

I am totally in love with these two new prints. I love picking out fabrics, it is really one of the best parts of my job.

Can you believe this is the same exact print as Starry Night? It is gorgeous, just gorgeous in these soft pinks with a splash of black. This sling ended up being even better than I could imagine. Plus, it is not too pink, so you can use it for a little boy, too.

I know, some of you may say, "another toile?" Do we really need another classic toile sling? The answer is yes! This type of print is perfect for babies. I remember picking out things for Elijah, and I always just loved the toile diaper bags, slings, blankets, etc... I really feel like you can't have too many choices in this classic print. Check out Dreamland, Playland, Sweet Ema, and the newest addition, Wonderland.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The wonderful women of Karma Baby Slings

Just wanted you all to meet the latest additions to Karma Baby. I feel so lucky to work with such great women.

Kristie is our fantastic shipping manager.
Edited to say: I just noticed the picture on the wall behind Kristie. It is actually a picture of me, and it looks like I am looking down on her. I wonder if she feels like I am "watching" her all day, lol.

Here is Nikki, our fabulous full time-on site seamstress, carrying our star model in the original Karma Baby Sling. This kid is almost 2 1/2 and still fits in cradle style into one of our pouches!-and, look at how well this pouch has held up after years of use. His dad picked out this fabric-I had nothing to do with it, I swear!

Another photo shoot...

This time, we had to do an impromptu shoot in our backyard, so I handed my seamstress the camera and told her to her to get shooting. Elijah, almost 2 1/2 now, has totally fallen back in love with the sling. He loves for me to carry him in it where ever we go. So while we prefer to have little babies for our photos, he is my sweet little model and I can not help but use him for our photos. Isn't it fun to compare these photos to the first ones we took when he was 7 months old (look at the Whimsy fabric on the Karma Baby Sling site, that is him). This is a great new organic sling that is only offered through