Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Water Sling Photo Shoot

*Here is the little model waiting patiently for his time in the spotlight.

We could not take water sling pictures in the middle of the winter in our last photo shoot. So...on a trip to my mother-in-law's we decided we would take the pictures ourselves in her "Endless Pool." Elijah is now two years old, and does not go in the sling that much anymore. At our last photo shoot I was only able to get one picture with him! Luckily, he still loves to be in the sling in the water-I think it makes him feel safe. We had to constantly splash water around and his grandma jumped up and down on the sides to try to get him to smile. There is a current in an endless pool, so it is a little scarey to a toddler.

Anyways, we ended up getting one perfect picture:

I love how happy he is in this picture, the drops of water are framing his face, and the color of the sling is just gorgeous.

This one was okay, but the color really does not do the sling justice.