Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sewing Set Up

Most of our slings are currently made off-site at a sewing house and a factory, but we still have a full-time seamstress to sew last minute and special items for us. Since we are moving to Boulder in a month and are going to phase out this part of our business, I thought I would post some pictures.
This is our cutting table. Let me tell you, it is a pain to cut all this fabric! We rigged it so that we can cut two rolls at once. Pictured is both sides of the Kiwi-Charcoal Reversible Micro-fleece sling.
I am putting up this picture so you can see our scary fabric cutter. This thing is massive, and very dangerous. I would obsessivly come in and look for the cutter in case Elijah somehow got close to it. We have since retired it and are using the electric scissors again, per a worried mama's request:)

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jpdmom said...

I love seeing what other woman do with their small businesses. Ours is run out of Northern California - funny my husband wants me to move it Boulder so bad - he loves Colorado. I am wondering if you were at the Atlanta Show this past July? Look forward to following your blog!
Jamie Lentzner