Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Doll Slings!

How cute is this? The Domestic Diva reviewed our doll slings. Isn't this little boy so adorable with his Elmo?

I *love* the doll slings because they teach children how to nurture just like their mothers. It also gives them a sense of importance when a new sibling comes, easing the transition.

Here are some of my favorites of my little boy (Elijah) and some of our wonderful customers. Look at how Elijah is beaming in the first picture. He really is proud that he is caring for his velveteen bunny, just like mama cared for him. He wears his doll sling all the time.

We have weighted baby dolls for mothers to practice on, and it is so funny when he puts one in his doll sling! It literally pulls him down to the ground, it is so heavy.

I wonder how constantly being surrounded by slings and babies in slings will affect him later in is his entire reality, especially since he is at work with me two full days a week. He seems to love it so far. And I find he is extremely nurturing to younger babies, holding and petting them, getting them toys and hugging them when they cry. Babywearing works!

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