Friday, June 15, 2007

A meeting of Babywearing Store Owners

Last night Darien of Zolowear came into town so we all got together for dinner. Babywearing is one of the only industries , I think, where competitors often get together as friends. We are all moms, after all. It was a lovely dinner.

From left: Zoe (the inspiration for Zolowear), Darian (owner of Zolowear), her son Clark, Karen (of Eesti Slings) with Gracie, Carole of Sakura Bloom with Riley, Angela and Satori of, and finally Elijah and I.

Grace, Satori, and Elijah happily coloring.

Darian and Zoe, wrapped up in a Karma Baby "Bella" sling for warmth.

Under the table and dreaming...

Elijah and Satori playing on the rocks together.

The ladies watching the kids play.

Angela and Satori playing (don't you love Satori's little bikini?)


The Lactation Sensation said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Its so nice you can all get together like that., Inc said...

That sounds so great! I wish I could have gone too! Reading about it is the next best thing!